The City of Lovely Homes, Green Streets, and a Great Lifestyle


Around 1950’s, the congested terrace houses in the Paddington city were considered as the slum by some of the people but the scenario has completely changed in the recent times. It has become a comfortable, prosperous, stunning, and a popular residential and fashion hub near the Sydney harbour and the city center. The Paddington’s terraces and patios are filled with a worldly ambiance. The magnificent restored Victorian homes and the lush green parks cover the Paddington city with grandeur and movielike escapes. With long and rich history, Paddington is the art heartland covered by pretty corners all around.

Location and Neighborhood

Paddington is a city in the central Sydney neighborhood, located 3kms away from the CBD, 5kms away from the easterly beaches and walking distance from the Moore Park grounds. The city boasts the style with perfectly chai latte cups in the morning and cocktail glasses at the night. Chic age-is-only-a-number-somethings dress up to stroll down the Oxford Street, Paddington’s favorite esplanade filled with sassy pubs, gourmet cafes, bespoke jewelers, and nearly every known name in the designer’s world of fashion.

Homes and Mansions

You can find several shapes, styles, décors, and colours when it comes to Victorian terrace houses in Paddington. There are also the occasional heritage-listed mansions. The European crowd in Paddington was headed by an ex-convict Gin Distiller. It sets the tone for numerous incarnations in Paddington. The building that is most famous and stands till date is the ‘Juniper Hall’.

If the mansions from the 1820’s are beyond your need, there are numerous other beautiful Victorian terrace houses that you may choose from. They’re usually narrow, with the different floor having original narrow stairs and possibly narrow streets as well. You’ll surely love them. The Victorian terrace houses are well maintained and clean. They have various names like Picton, Mulgrave, Hawkstone, and Raglan. The houses have multi-coloured leadlight windows above the front doors. The shaped potted trees look wonderful.

Commercial Shopping Areas

Paddington is well-known for its boutique shopping culture. Paddington Market, Oxford Street, William Street, and more are the locally famous shopper’s paradise that pulls in several hundreds of visitors. Whether you need the locally made products or the branded designer stores, you can find it all in these commercial shopping areas. From Japanese bars to French bistros and Thai eateries to Italian delis, the cafes and eateries are scattered all over the neighborhood.

Culture and Arts

With several art galleries across the city, Paddington is considered the cultural haven for all the supporters of arts. The Australian Film Culture is supported by the Chauvel Cinema which is located in the heart of the Paddington. Then, you can find the archeologically renowned Victoria barracks which is popular for its military architecture in Australia. It is built between 1841 – 1849, Victoria barracks was formerly used for sheltering the prisoners and the British Soldiers.

Famous Landmarks and Heritage Building

The famous landmarks that makes the city popular are Victoria Barracks, Paddington Town Hall with 32meters high clock tower, the Sydney football stadium and Sydney cricket ground on the southern border of Paddington, Oxford-street that is considered the aboriginal walkway, Juniper Hall, Paddington reservoir, Trumpel park oval, uniting church and parsonage and more.

With such rich cultural and traditional heritage, attractive Victorian houses, and fashion hub, Paddington is one of the most livable cities in Australia. From medical facilities to the educational amenities, Paddington is one of the ideal cities to live in.



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